Saturday Morning

Well another week has flown by and it is the weekend again.  It is cool and over cast with some rather dark clouds but I for one am not complaining a bit of cool is most welcome.
James new bike is safely stowed on the patio in the back garden were it is safe from oiks and vandals however it was a herculean job to get it through the narrow passage way.  Personally, I hate motorcycles as I see them as death traps.  I have nursed too many young men who have been victims of motorcycle accidents to find them appealing.  They are also pretty useless for doing the shopping!!!!

Now on to today my plans are pretty fluid as we are taking each day as it comes and hopefully each day will see improvements in James condition.  He is pretty fed up that this has struck as such an inopportune moment and meant that he has missed his passing out parade for which he has worked so hard.  But I guess that's life it never runs smoothly for long.

I really must have a go at picking the raspberries today rather than just letting them fall on the floor.  I may just pick them and put them in the freezer for use at a later date.  I managed to save a couple of figs from the blackbirds who are monitoring them for ripeness and I have just a few apricots on the new tree which could use some pruning.  I have lifted the elephant garlic which looks lovely now all I need to do is find a way of using it.  I think it is much milder than normal garlic so it may well lend itself to roasting in the oven as a vegetable rather than for flavouring.  I feel a few experiments coming on!!!!!

Anyway have a nice weekend what ever you have planned.................

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