Monday morning

I am a bit out of sinc with the laundry and spent yesterday getting through several loads which fortunately dried well on the line.  As each load came in it was ironed and put away leaving me with a feeling of relief and joy.    The morning harvest produced runner beans, French beans, courgettes as well as spring onions and elephant garlic tomatoes and eggs.  The courgettes were made into cheesy pancakes and the beans accompanied the roast chicken into which I stuffed several cloves of garlic.  Reading through the bogs I follow it seems everyone had roast chicken for lunch yesterday.  Supper for us was cold meat and tomato salad.  There is still enough meat left over to make a couple of sandwiches and the carcass made some lovely broth and once picked over the dogs too have a good meal.  So all in all a very economical meal.

Today is going to be a bit more hectic Mike is off to the hair dresser bright and early and James is off to the doctors to get a further certificate before he is fit enough to return to work.  Gary arrives at 8.30 to begin the shed painting and I have some primulas to plant and some perpetual spinach seeds which I intend to use to fill one of the empty vegetable beds.  It is a bit late to plant spinach but we will just have to see what happens if we have a reasonable autumn it might do well, if not all I have lost is a packet of seeds.  I don't like leaving the beds empty for long as they just get filled with weeds which seem to grow very happily no matter what time of the year it is.

My back is still giving me some pain so I am hopeful that I will get an appointment to see the physio fairly soon and can get started on some exercises to strengthen my crore muscles without causing any further damage.

Berries on the mountain ash

According to the weather forecast we are in for nice dry day today but not too hot so ideal for painting.

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