Monday morning

I thought you might be interested to see this wall - it is know as a Crinkle Crankle wall and this is the longest in the country in a village in Suffolk called Easton which is near where we keep our caravan.  Sandi managed to take this photo our of the car window as I drove by.

Yesterday, was a day of relative indolence, I managed to get my apricot tree pruned and left the prunings in the the chicken run by way of entertainment for the hens.  Once they have picked the branches clean I will gather them up and dispose of them.
We set off for Faversham quite early and went to buy coffee for the machine but as we passed by Sandi's house we dropped in and collected the sleeping bags which she had kindly washed - the holiday seems months ago but it is only a couple of weeks.  While we were shopping I bought some nice Parma ham to go with the figs which are coming thick and fast from our tree.  I also bought some rye bread to have with our Gravadlax which is curing in the fridge as we speak.  It was watching Simon Hopkinson on the TV which gave me the idea to make some.  I like him as a cook as he doesn't mess around with the food just cooks it simply with the minimum of fuss a bit like Hugh Fernley and Nigel Slater.
While we were shopping the heavens opened and we had a real down pour and last night saw another deluge but I for one am not complaining as it saves me the chore of watering the garden.
Finally today I can make an appointment for James to see my GP but not until 3pm which is a crazy system which I really don't understand.  I think I may well make an appointment for myself and get something done about my back while I am at it.  I don't think there is anything the doctor can do for me except refer me to a physio and they may be able to help.  Perhaps some core strengthening excercises might help support what is a fairly ruined spinal column.
The day looks cloudy and blustery but with nice bursts of sunshine so perfect for me.......
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