Friday morning

Half runner beans and half sweet peas

Yesterday was a wash out and shooting got cancelled so we decided to get the dogs out for a walk just before the rain started.  I had gone back to bed in the morning but had not managed to get any further sleep so after lunch I went to bed and this time slept like the dead for two hours which made me feel so much better.  At the moment nothing is running smoothly firstly my mobile phone has decided to die, I thought it was just a flat battery but after a day on charger it is still dead.  Then when I returned from the dog walk I found a message from the physios but when I tried to return the call all I got was an answering machine.  Later there was yet another message and we seem to be completely unable to actually get in contact so I left them a message.  This morning I will ring at 9am and hope to find a human being rather than a machine.  Apparently the form they received was incomplete and missing details like which part of my body is in need of physio and how long I have had the condition.  So this is a failure from my medical practice!!!!  And you wonder why I don't go to the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary!!!!!

We have tentatively booked shooting for next Wednesday and now that Shiona is back from France we will be three.  However, it is all very weather dependant and may come to nothing if the rain returns.  

For lunch we had the salmon fish cakes that I had made and they were a marked improvement on the shop bought ones we had earlier.  For dinner we decided to try a new Turkish take away only to discover that the portion were huge and we ended up with sufficient food for three people, three dogs and a small pig.  However it was very nicely presented and very tasty.  Today I am going to make a shepherds pie as I have some left over mash and some packets of minced lamb.  I usually prefer to make it with left over roast meat but if I give the mince a good colouring first I hope it will be OK.  I can serve it with a nice portion of runner beans from the garden.  However, first I will have to get some carrots and a new mobile phone so I guess it will be a trip to Tesco.  In the mean time I shall have a couple of cups of coffee while I wait for the rest of the family to come to life......

Have a good one all..............
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