Friday morning

It's raining it's pouring and the old man is snoring!!!but sadly I am up and awake as usual.  I seemed to spend most of the day in the kitchen yesterday for lunch I made some roasted lamb chumps with runner and french beans and for supper I made a mega salsa to which was added some prawns and avocado which we ate with some sour cream and crusty bread.  All of the vegetables came from the garden with the exception of the avocado so it all had to be picked and prepared.  I also made a large batch of courgette pancakes which make ideal snack food which is not too high in calories.  I had decided to give up on the sweet peas but then couldn't resist one more picking to fill a large vase.

Later in the evening I went to put the hens to bed and had a last walk round the vegetable plot when a miracle occurred..... A few years ago I lost my strawberry huller which I had bought at Lakeland many years before.  After much searching it was nowhere to be found.  I then thought I would buy a new one but they had stopped making them so that was that.  But last night as I walked along the row of runner beans something was glinting in the late evening sunshine and there at my feet was my strawberry huller which must have ended up in the compost heap and had finally reappeared when the compost was put on the bed.  It was none the worse for a couple of years composting and a quick wash saw it restored to its rightful place in the kitchen draw.

My new neighbours are on holiday for a fortnight so I am in charge of their fish and plants this is no big deal and given the amount of rain last night I don't think I will be watering their plants any time soon.  I must admit to a certain feeling of liberation as I now have no neighbours so I could turn my music up to full volume and run about the garden naked without offending anyone, fortunately the dogs are not easily shocked!!!!However I think Mike might be a bit concerned!!!!!

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