Friday morning

What a lovely cool day, the sun is shining and the temperature is down following yesterdays rain.  It started here at about 6 am and continued until lunch time.  It was never heavy but it was constant so the garden is looking very refreshed and I am saved the watering job.

Yesterday we made yet another foray into London and it now seem almost normal to drive up there on a daily basis.  We needed to collect a few bits from James flat and he was keen to have his bike back [it is a new one after all].  I have no real plans for today except to chill out and relax a bit after the traumas of last week which have taken their toll on both Mike and I.  I think some gently gardening and pottering in the kitchen and dog walking are in order.  I do however have a sack full of white shirts that the machine can wash and I will gradually process.

Have a good day all

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