Friday monring

Mountain ash is full of berries

Yesterday was a really miserable day weather wise it was cold windy and covered by dark threatening clouds,  however we has a nice productive day in the garden.  First thing I made the soup and biscuits for lunch and then made a start on the various jobs.  I stripped the green house of tomato plants but did manage to save loads of green fruit which is now on trays in, what is hopfully, the sunshine to ripen.  Failing this there is always green tomato chutney!!!  When Sandi arrived we had some lunch and then set to and did some harvesting.  She picked loads of raspberries and I picked the runner and french beans.  She also had some elephant garlic, spring onions, Bramley apples and half a dozen eggs so not a bad haul.  So far this week I have given away a dozen and a half eggs.  I had had some acers delivered from an offer in the Telegraph which also needed planting and as they are dwarf varieties they have been put into pots.  I also had some monarda plants which I have dotted around the garden in various gaps.  For supper we had pasta with tomato sauce and sausages which was a bit of a hash up but tasted very nice. 

Last night, about 7pm, it finally rained so the garden got a bit of a soaking which saved me a job.  Today I have no plans other than to continue with more gardening while the weather holds.  I have still not heard anything from the physios so I think they are waiting form my back to heal itself!!!!  We did however hear from Hendon who were enquiring about James health.  I am glad to report that he is now getting bored which is a sure sign that he is on the mend.  He has been helping me in the garden which is a refined form of torture as it is not his favorite pass time.  So far I have managed to keep the hens from the puff balls and I think I may be lucky in that they don't like them.  I have noticed that the days are definitely getting shorter as it is still dark and now 5.30am so autumn is on its way.

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