August Bank Holiday Monday

Bank holiday Monday and it isnt raining what is going on?????  I must admit I am glad for the workers as it always seems to rain on their extra day off for me it makes no real difference.  However although the sun is shining it is pretty chilly at just 11 degrees so not exactly a day for the beach. 

You would have been proud of me yesterday I actually got my bike out and dusted it off, well that is not exactly true, James cleaned it up for me and inflated the tyres.  It is a folding bike so it was packed into the car and we went off with the dogs.  I cycled, James walked and the dogs ran so a bit of exercise for all concerned.  I must admit it was easier on my back than walking but I was a bit nervous as it has been so long since I have ridden a bike.  Anyway it has been left in the car as I intend to give it another go today.  Basso looked very surprised as he had never seen me move so fast and at last I could keep up with him. 

Lunch was the pork I found in the freezer with a good portion of beans from the garden which was not as bad as I had imagined but come supper time everyone was starving so a take away curry was ordered.  So much for trying to loose some weight!!!  Anyway it was delicious and really hit the spot.  Today I have some fish [spotted dog fish] for lunch which we will have with salad and saute potatoes. 

I have a couple of jobs to do in the garden namely the green house needs a good weeding now that it is devoid of tomato plants and there are only the cucumbers and herbs left to water  the weeds are flourishing.  With all the rain we have had the garden is looking lush and overgrown so there will be lots of pruning to do in the coming days.  I am hoping that Mark the gardner will be back from his holiday in Italy soon and will come bearing Parmesan cheese as my stocks are getting low.   It also looks like a good day for laundry as there is a gently breeze blowing so I may get the machine in action and get some of it done today.

Have a good day all hope what ever you have planned is not spoiled by the showers that have been forecast.

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