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A tray of tomatoes rescued from the blighted plants

Yesterday was a busy one, first I finished off the turkey by stripping the carcass and making it into dog food then the stock was strained into containers for the freezer and the meat was made into 6 individual pies with puff pastry lids.  That done it was time to clean the kitchen and what a job that was all the surfaces stripped and cleaned chopping boards washed and cleaned with lemon juice and salt.  Then it was on to the cupboard fronts which are liberally dog slobbered and finally the floor and the bins emptied.   The top cupboards and shelves will have to wait for another day, but I do feel better now it looks a bit less like a midden.

Then it was on to clean out the hens and attend to the giant puff balls which I am guarding and watching closely.  The hens are showing no signs of interest in them so I think they are safe.  Then it was time for the dogs to have a walk and we went on the usual walk down near the estuary.  The area that has provided a lovely paddling pool is now reduced to a muddy puddle not that this stopped the dogs prancing about in it and getting themselves filthy. 

Lunch was a trip down memory lane as we ate pannini with Prosciutto Crudo all that was missing was a lovely ripe peach eaten with salty hands from the morning of swimming in the sea.  This was always our standard lunch when on holiday in Italy as children.  Dinner was also a memory of childhood as the turkey broth was served with gnocchi de gris which are semolina gnocchi boiled in the broth and served with lashings of Parmesan cheese.

Having seen the weather forecast I think I had better get the washing on today as tomorrow it is set to be very wet so as soon as I can get the men out of bed they can strip off the sheets and I can get going before the temperature rises.  I am not good in the heat and find my work rate drops off dramatically.  I also need to get the dogs out early as I hate walking in the heat and they don't really appreciate it either.  As for todays menu, who knows!!  We will have to see what we fancy...... 
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