Yesterday was a relatively busy day and as I was pain free on my analgesics I managed to get the dogs out for a walk and then swung past Tesco to get some bits and pieces to eat during the boiler change as I don't know when and if I will have either gas or water.  I also took the opportunity to get some bits that will form part of the diet when I return.  As far as dairy produce is concerned there is an abundance of fat free natural yoghurt, fromage frais and quark not to mention skimmed milk.  The other compulsory ingredient is oat bran which I can now get in Tesco.  Joy, you asked if there are lots of recipes and the answer is yes as I also bought the recipe book to go with the diet book.  However, to give you an idea the first 5 days are protein only then it moves into protein and vegetable one day and pure protein the next.  It sounds weird I know but when you read the the book it makes great sense.  There are four phases to the diet which aims to stabilise you at your required weight.  Exercise is also included with a compulsory 20 minutes walk each day which builds up as weight is lost.  The bit I like best is that the book is written in an empathetic way and account is made of human frailty so things are made simple.  Once I start in earnest I will blog on how it is going.  My walk yesterday with the dogs was to test how long 20 minutes was so that I know how far to walk each day.  I set the timer on my phone for 10 minutes which told me where to turn and go back to the car.  At the moment this is very taxing as my back is not keen but I'm sure things will improve as time goes on and loosing weight can only help matters.  I would like to loose 2.5 stone which will bring me back to my reasonable weight, so fingers crossed.  Sadly peas are on the prohibited list so my crop will have to go in the freezer for a later date.

The house is in uproar as we have emptied cupboards in anticipation of the plumber coming and today will see the start of the boiler change.  I am not making any great plans as I have no idea how this is going to affect the day.  The fridge is stuffed with cold things to eat so we don't have to do any cooking.  The laundry is up to date so I don't need to run the washing machine and I will be filling my sinks with water not to mention few jugs for drinking water.  I will shower early so that by the time the plumber comes hopefully I will not need water for the rest of the day.

I watched the long range weather forecast on BBC "Country File" last evening and it looks like it is going to be a mixed bag of sunshine and showers for our holiday which suits me better than very hot.  Wet dogs in a caravan is not the most pleasant of things and I usually put the dogs in the car to dry off.  I can leave them in their cage with the tail gate open so there is plenty of air passage.  I also have a hair dryer if necessary so we should have no real problems.  Today I will need to pack the bits and pieces for the terriers so that they are ready to go tomorrow.  They must be one of the few dogs who have their own suitcase - I usually weigh out their food for breakfast and dinner and bag it up to make life easier for Margaret then there are bowls, leads  beds and treats.  They also have portable dog crates which fit in the car and are rather like those pop up tents. I often think there is more packing to do for the dogs than for the humans.

Last night I made a kedgeree for supper and while I was at it I hard boiled a dozen eggs so that there will be plenty for sandwiches on Wednesday and for salads today and tomorrow.    Now I am off to test out a recipe for oat-bran galette which can be stored in the fridge or frozen with no ill effects and forms a staple of the diet.  I am making all these preparations so that I can start straight away on my return which reminds me I must remember to buy some veal in Suffolk before we leave.  Yes, veal chops are allowed, but sadly not in egg and breadcrumbs :(

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