Wednesday morning

Finally managed some sleep last night after being on my feet for 48 hours and feeling a bit more like a human being this morning.  Youngest son in hospital in London with suspected meningitis/encephalitis.  Henry, who is staying with us, has been a real brick and has run me around in all the horrid London traffic.  James is out of immediate danger but is still very confused and we are awaiting the results of a lumbar puncture.  However, he has been pumped full of antibiotics which should do the trick.  Thank heavens the police take not turning up for duty so seriously after exhausting all other avenues they forced entry to his flat and found him unconscious.  At the moment there is nothing we can do so we are going to take ourselves to the local oyster festival for a bite of lunch and then see what the rest of the day brings with mobile phones we are never out of contact. All our plans have to be very fluid as things seem to be moving quite quickly we had intended to go to the festival yesterday but those plans were scuppered.  Meanwhile my shower thermostat has packed up and I am also trying to deal with the plumber who I am hoping will come tomorrow and fix the thing in the mean time it is tepid showers for all.  Thank goodness I made the couple of cakes which have kept us from starvation as meals have been somewhat erratic.  Last nights supper was a compromise of some delicious sirloin steak with mushrooms and onions and chips from the chip shop!!!!with a slice of lemon drizzle cake and cream/ice cream for dessert.


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