Wednesday morning

Pictures from yesterdays first attempt at agility training as you can see the jumps were not a problem

Walking the plank was not a problem
The tunnel was not a problem in fact nothing was a problem he was keen and eager and thought this assault course was very easy!!!

We did have a bit of a sticky moment when he was asked to jump through the tyre - he thought it better to jump over the entire apparatus but soon got the idea it was just the ring he was to jump through.  All in all we had a most successful first attempt and I was delighted with his efforts.  All the apparatus was set on very low so that they could get used to it however as the class ended the jumps were put up to full height and he thought that was a bit more fun.  His favourite apparatus was the tunnel as the trainer had thrown bits of chicken into it to encourage a less confident dog and Basso was convinced there was chicken in there so at every opportunity he shot into the tunnel to check.

Once the session was over it was back home to change and then take the small dogs to Len and Margaret and then out to the pub for lunch.  We finally got home at about 3pm the plumber was hard at it and the boiler was in place and most of the pipe work was done.  However, little did we know that he would still be working at 10pm - I was less than pleased as I wanted my house back so that I could get on with my packing.  Anyway it has had to wait until this morning so I will now run around and get the bins out and then make some sandwiches for our lunch then I can start packing our stuff and loading the car.  Sandi and the plumber are due at 9am and I am hoping to make a quick get away at about 10am.  Poor Mike will have to deal with things form then on.

The weather is very over cast but at least it is not raining and there is no significant wind so we should have a reasonable journey up to Suffolk.  High winds really frighten me when I am towing the van as it tends to wobble about a bit.  I will be taking my camera and also the video so I should have some nice pictures to show you when I get back.  There is no signal where I am camping so communication is all but impossible even mobile phones struggle so I will be off the wires for 7days.    I do however keep a log book so I can fill you in with all the lounging around and sleeping we will be doing!!!!  In the mean time look after yourselves and I will be back before you know it...........

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