Two dots in the distance without a telephoto lens this was as close as Mike could get.

Mark arrived bright and early yesterday morning and got started on the huge list of jobs we had organised for him.  I picked a big punnet of gooseberries which I will make into crumble today then suddenly it was time to go dog training.  Fortunately, we managed to park the car in the shade as the temperature was rising fast.  The John the trainer discussed how much training Basso had had and then we got started.  He uses clicker training which is a novelty for Basso and we started with the basics of sit stand and down.  All of which he can do very easily but this time it was done without commands and only with a click and reward for correct behaviour.  Well I wont bore you with the details except to say that we were in the wrong class and should have started at 9.30 for the agility so a bit of a mess up there which for once was not my fault.  Anyway, we had an hours one to one tuition by which time we were all boiled in the hot sun.  Basso finally gave up and lay down bored with all the baby stuff and we decided enough was enough.
Fortunately, I had already prepared lunch so it was nice and easy to throw a few plates on the table while we all sat in front of the fan trying to cool down.  No sign of the forecast rain it was just getting hotter and hotter.  Finally the heat broke at about 6pm and we had some nice cooling rain and this morning we are starting the day at 13 degrees which is quite acceptable.

I was supposed to be going shooting this morning but that has been postponed until tomorrow which gives me a day to recover.  I am going to try without pills and see how I get on if it gets bad I can always take some.  We have to do a bit of shopping this morning and collect prescriptions for Mike so the dogs will get a nice walk as part of the expedition.  There is a gently south westerly blowing so it should be a very pleasant experience.  First I need to get a big pile of ironing done and out of the way while it is nice and cool.  I took out a couple of pork chops which we will have for lunch with some vegetables or salad and for supper we will no doubt have some bits and bobs from the fridge.  I also want to make a small lasagne to freeze and take with me next week for the first night of our holiday as it can just be whacked in the the microwave and requires no work, I think we will be pretty worn out by supper time.   For lunch that day I am intending some egg and tomato sandwiches which will keep us going in transit.  Once we are on site and settled we can make a plan of what we want to do and when we are going to eat out and/or in.  I need to get these things sorted before the weekend is over as the plumber is arriving on Monday morning to do the boiler and who knows when we will be without either gas or water during that process.  I will be leaving before the job is completed so Mike will have to make notes on how to operate the boiler as no doubt it will fall to me as soon as I return.
OK time for the ironing and let the hens out - we are now up to 70 eggs and that has paid for the 2 bags of feed.  As yet we have not finished the first bag so hopefully in about a months time we should be in profit and have paid for the hens as well.
Hope you all enjoy the cooler weather I find it much easier to work in the cool the heat just saps my energy.....
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