Tuesday morning

Dearly bewildered this morning I have had a bit of a lie in it is already nearly 6am which make a pleasant change.  Yesterday, was a day of frustration the plumber arrived at 9am and turned the house upside down.  The first job was to power wash the radiators and make sure the system was clean then it was a case of boring huge holes through the gable end wall to accommodate the flue and drainage pipes.  The new boiler is hanging in the airing cupboard and looks very smart.  Today it will be connected up and once the pipe work is done.  My major frustration was that I was unable to do anything in the house and was desperate not to get stuck in in the garden given the delicate condition of my back.  I took the dogs out for their walk and discovered that the tide was up so it was swimming instead of walking - for the dogs that is not for me though I did get pretty wet.
Frustration number two was that the plumber broke the bad news that the control system for the boiler, which is the bit I really want, will not be available for possibly two months.  Which leaves me with the current control system which requires a degree in aeronautical engineering to operate.  I had made us a nice salad for lunch and we had that with some barbecue chicken wings and for dinner I had purchased some chicken Kiev.  What a disaster they were.  They were made with reclaimed, reconstituted meat mush, the butter and garlic filling was minuscule and had all leaked out by the time they were cooked.  They did however get the thumbs up from the dogs!!!!  so we ended up eating some cheese instead. Oh and while we are talking of food I tried out the oat bran galette which is a daily item on the Dukan diet and was very pleasantly surprised.  It has a bread like consistency and should satisfy the carb craving during the pure protein phase.

Today is going to be busy - as I am due at dog training at 9.30 this morning and need to get all the dogs kit packed as we will be going straight to Len and Margaret from there.  I am not sure what to wear as I need grubby clothes for training but need to look a bit smarter to go out for lunch.  It may be necessary to swing by home and change.  Meanwhile the plumber will be on his own doing his stuff.  I am so glad that I didn't do any major cleaning before his arrival as there is a lot of dust around after drilling the walls.  I will be quite pleased to leave it all behind tomorrow and head off for the caravan and some peace and quiet.  Sods law is operational this morning the coffee machine decided it needs de-scaling just when I am short of time, so I had better get on with that ASAP as it take about an hour. Oh and to put the tin lid on it it looks like rain!!!!!


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