Tuesday morning

Giant blousey poppy that are allowed to self seed where they like

Today the weather is set to be hot again and we are not in for the rain until later this evening.  At the moment we are shrouded in mist which has blown in from the sea.  I am feeling anxious as it is this morning that I start my dog agility course with Basso.  We don't start until 10.45 which means it will be pretty hot by then.  I took the dogs for a walk at about that time yesterday and it was rather warmer than I would like anyway I suppose it is marginally better than rain.  I am going to say this very quietly, my back seems to be much better which is hopeful.  I managed to change all the beds and do the laundry without any ill effects and I will be leaving the ironing until tomorrow as there is no sense in provoking the gods.  Mark the gardener is due this morning and usually arrives bright and early at around 8am so I will need to get out and sort out the dog do before he arrives.  

Last evening I went to check on the greenhouse at about 8pm when the timer is set to water and low and behold I discovered that there was a big hole in the watering tube.  Sadly this take the pressure from the system and means that the tomatoes are not being watered evenly.  I now have two alternatives either to water by hand or to replace the watering tube.  Replacing the tube will be difficult as it is woven between the plants and will be a hands and knees job and hand watering is OK until I go away and leave Mike in charge when it will probably be forgotten. Oh decisions decision!!! Gardening and holidays really don't sit well together.

I made today's lunch yesterday evening as I had bought a nice piece of skirt which I put in the slow cooker with carrot onion and celery and the bones from a smoked chicken I had saved in the freezer.  So we will have soup and then a cold beef salad.  The beef has been dressed with finely sliced onions, capers and a drizzle of olive oil.  It has sat overnight in the fridge so that the flavours can mix and now it will sit outside and get up to room temperature ready for lunch.  The broth will be degreased and then heated with some small pasta and a good grating of Parmesan cheese.

My purge on the feral pigeons seems to be holding and they have not returned presumably they have found a safer place to nest than my roof!!!!

Mike will be taking me to the agility class and I hope he will take some photos which I will post tomorrow so you can see the sort of things we are doing.  Now I am off to chop up some frankfurters which will be the high value treats I need to encourage Basso to do his stuff.  He goes totally demented for a small slice of frankfurter which is his absolute favourite and as he will not be getting any breakfast he should be very keen to comply.....
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