Thursday Morning

Well my dearly beloved I am back up and running with fully recharged batteries.  Could we have chosen a better week to have a caravan holiday?  It rained a little and then a little more and then a lot and then we had a thunder storm and then more rain!!!!!  Anyway in the brief interludes we had the very best time.  The dogs thought they had died and gone to heaven not only did they get lots of goodies to eat but they had long walks in the forest, swimming and slept in bed with us!
One very tired dog

The barbecue which had been arranged for Saturday night looked like it was going to be a complete washout and we decided that baked potatoes were a better bet than salad.  The only problem was that they were huge and I ended up with two on the barbecue, two in the microwave and eleven in the oven - they only took about two hours to cook but we all agreed that they were some of the best baked potatoes we had ever had!!!  The rain let up just long enough for the food to be cooked and eaten before it came down in torrents yet again.

There must have been thirty people and an equal number of dogs who all behaved beautifully with the exception of a small altercation over a chipolata.  At £5 a head it was a right royal feast with chicken kebabs burgers sausages lamb koftas and garlic bread not to mention loads of desserts.

After all that partying Basso had a bit of a hangover
""MUM""" I think Basso is going to be sick [he wasn't]

We had a couple of interesting interludes the first was when we were driving out to go shopping and found an elderly lady who had been thrown from her horse.  She was duly gather up and take back to her friend who had caught the animal.  Neither she nor the horse look any the worse for their dislocation.  Then the next day a stray dog was found in the rain with no collar or apparent owner so he was duly take to the local vet where he was eventually reunited with his master.  Sandi managed to earn herself a can of larger when Yoda found a camera belonging to a crowd of rowdy youths.  Apparently the camera belonged to one of the boys mother so he was delighted to get it back and happy to part with a can of beer for the privilege. 

All in all we managed to have a really good time with lots of laughs - everything went smoothly with the van and I managed to manoeuvre it with little trouble so I was mightily relieved.  We got home about 3.30 yesterday with tons of  dirty washing two dirty dogs and some not so clean people!!! but nothing that a bit of soap and water won't cure.

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