Thursday morning

Yesterday was a day of rain and sun we had some really heavy down pours punctuated with find sunny weather and cool comfortable temperatures.  I made it through the day without pills but it was not pain free so today I will dose myself as I am due to go shooting.  There is a big question mark over the days activities as the forecast says we are in for more rain for most of the day.  Shooting in the rain is really not a pleasant process so it may all get cancelled.

In reply to Joy the dog training was well beneath Basso's dignity he could do everything very well anyway and was delighted that now he was being given treats as well.  Gun dogs are trained without treats.  There is a reason for this you don't want a dog who brings back an injured bird and throws it at your feet so he can get his treat.  He needs to hold the bird so that you can take it and dispatch it quickly.  However in obedience training this is not an issue.  One of the things I have discovered over the years is that each trainer has their own way of training and sometimes you get conflicting information.  In the end you have to work out what is best for you and your dog as each pairing is a unique combination and some dogs are more amenable than others.  The problem is that it can become addictive no sooner than one dog is trained, despite all the mistake you have made, than you want to have another go and do the job better next time.  This is a force I am trying to resist!!!  While I am on holiday with Sandi we are going to have a concerted effort to address some of the issues we are both having with our dogs.  It is much easier to train with two people than it is on your own so it will be a good opportunity for us to do some serious work with the dogs.  She will be bringing her black lab and I will be taking Basso - the other two dogs are going to Len and Margaret for a holiday as Mike cannot walk them and Sandi is leaving her 3 other dogs with her husband.

In Tesco yesterday they had some Salix flamingo standards on sale for £8 which I though was good value so I bought one to replace a choicya which has died over the winter.  Today I will need to get it into the ground if it is to establish itself before winter sets in.   It is commonly called a dappled willow I hope it will be fully hardy and should do well in my soil provided I give it plenty of water and judicious pruning.

Now for today's dilemma, Shiona is coming over to go shooting but if it is cancelled then I will need to provide lunch for three.  I have some meat balls in the freezer so I can quickly run up meat balls pasta and tomato sauce.  I also have sufficient gooseberry crumble left so that wont be a problem.  I made the lasagne yesterday so today I will cut a section out and freeze it for our holiday the remainder will do for supper tonight.  Hopefully problem solved!!!

Have a good day all even if it is a bit wet!!!  Remember, "there is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing"!!!!!

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