Sunday morning

Well another day another dollar - the wretched sciatica woke me up this morning at stupid o'clock but I am not that unhappy as I have plenty to do by way of preparations,  I am not sure what time my visitors will arrive but  as long as the salad ingredients are ready I can throw it together as soon as they arrive.  Similarly with the crumble if that is all ready to go.

It is very disappointing that my back is giving me trouble again especially as it was fine when we were on holiday and I thought it might have gone away.  The photo shows the camp site and we were situated just behind the deer's head.  The one saving grace of this particular site is that despite all the rain there is never any mud only wet sand which is easy to cope with.  However having said that there is plenty of sand in the van and I am planning to take my hoover with me next time so that I can give it a bit of a birthday.  All three dogs have been wormed and flea and tic treated so any pests picked up in the forest should now be dead.  Basso picked up a tic on the first day but we dealt with that on site and when I groomed him yesterday I found no evidence of further infestation.  We have no trouble with the worm tablets which I just add to their dinner and they crunch them up like all the other biscuits and don't seem to notice.

All my shopping arrive from Tesco yesterday morning and what a joy it was just to have to put it away well worth the delivery fee.  The only mistake was I got a bag of raisins instead of sultanas but that is a minor detail.  I made the two cakes and they are safely wrapped in tin foil ready for Monday.  Baking is not my favourite sport as I don't really like eating the product so my heart is not in it.

Once the food prep is done I need to devote some time to cleaning the house or rather running the hoover around as it is a bit of a midden.  I managed a small amount of weeding yesterday and it is a lovely thing to feed weeds to the chickens who eagerly eat them up, sort of instant composting!!!  With all the rain we have been having the garden looks very lush and needs some judicious pruning.  Last year I planted some tree lilies and they have flowered well this year giving off the most wonderful perfume. [see picture above]

I completed the crossword puzzle yesterday all but one word - Group of reptiles comprising the lizards, also a northern constellation [10]  The letters I have are  - A - E - T - L - A    Have I missed something obvious?  come on brainy people help me out here!!!

Lacertilia  - got it....  I should have got that one given that the Italian for lizard is lucertola

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