Sunday morning

Anne it sounds like you had a jolly good time in Italy and being forced to speak the language all the time is the only way to really learn it.  Rome is a lovely city but when it gets hot it really does get hot.  I for one am not a lover of hot weather I find it saps my energy and all I want to do is float around in a swimming pool or lie in a heap in the shade. 

Yesterday was a shower free day as far as the weather was concerned but I was miserable with backache and found that I had to drag myself around and really push to get the various chores done.  The hens got cleaned out and  I weeded one of the vegetable beds with a hoe so as not to bend too much.  The laundry got done and the bathroom and loo and kitchen got a birthday, but then I was knackered.  I had ordered a book from Amazon which had gone astray so after a quick phone call it was delivered by express service at no extra charge.  The book is the Dukan diet, I have read a good deal about this diet and now that I have read the bulk of the book it makes eminent sense physiologically so once I am back from my holiday we are going to give it a go.  Because it is written by a French doctor it does appreciate that sauces and dressings are quite important so there are recipes for mayonnaise and salad dressing which don't look too bad. There is method in my madness in that loosing some weight can only help the back situation and this seems like a way forward that doesn't require too much faffing around.  I will however miss the carbs but hopefully if it works well then I guess it is a sacrifice worth making.  Once I start I will keep you abreast of my progress so you can judge for yourselves what you think of the diet.  Fortunately, the first of the four phases only lasts 5 days which is not so long as to be intolerable.

Today I have started the day off with some pain killers as I really couldn't face another day like yesterday so to hell with it, there are no prizes for heroes.  It is much easier to keep out of pain than to stop it once it has become established. 

Yesterday's laundry will need an iron put over it which will bring the housework more or less up to date and I can attack the last leg of the crossword puzzle with a clear conscience. We ended up having a take away last night as I had run out of steam so the lamb and green beans that I had planned will have to do for lunch today.
Mike has been clearing space for the plumber to get at the various pipes in anticipation of tomorrows boiler change.  We think it will take three days to complete so we will be in a bit of a mess until that is done.  I will be  taking the two terriers to Len and Margaret on Tuesday and leaving with Basso on Wednesday - but when I return the boiler should be up and running and the wonderful Jane will have been not to mention Mark the gardener so I am anticipating coming home to a palace!!!!!!   Well you can always dream.....

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