Sunday morning

Who steals the fish food?  You can see the poor dog is starving!!!

Yesterday was a bit of a washout my attempt to stop the analgesics for my back was punished severely and I ended up having a pretty miserable time of it and just to add insult to injury I felt extremely guilty not taking the dogs for a walk. I used the TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) part of the circulation booster and was very pleasantly surprised at how effective it was at reducing the pain while I waited for the pills to take effect.   I made some guacamole with a couple of ripe avocados and threw together a sort of pork stroganoff for lunch which made an interesting combination.  Mike took himself off to do a bit of shopping as he needed to change a shirt he had bought in M&S so while he was there he purchased one of their meals for two which we will be having for lunch today.  I should have cleaned out the hens but that too got put on the back burner and it was enough to just make sure they were fed and watered and collect the eggs.

One bit of good news is that our cheque from the feed-in-tariff people arrived so the money we are making from our roof is all going according to plan and showing a return on the investment of around 11% which added to the reduction by half of our electricity bill is quite a saving.  Lets hope the investment in a new and efficient boiler will make an equally good return.

Underneath the barge board of our patio doors there is a very small gap which has been colonised by hover flies which look like miniature bees.  I think they must be one of the varieties that live on aphids because there is not a single greenfly on the roses this year.  I will try and get a photo but don't hold your breath it is going to be difficult as they are very quick movers.  I am hoping that they are not doing any damage so I have just left them alone to do their stuff.

Today looks like being another glorious day it starts off beautifully sunny and as the temperature builds so does the cloud cover which keeps the temperature down to reasonable figures.  Then as it cools in the evening so the clouds disappear and we have a lovely sun set.  This for me is almost perfect weather now if only it could rain a bit at night and water the garden I would be completely satisfied!!! But then what would I have to moan about?

I will get my chores done early this morning then after lunch I can put my feet up and watch what looks like a really good tennis final.  
The joy of digital photography it took me 6 shots to get just the one passable one.  No going to Boots to have them developed!!!
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