Saturday morning

These humans are really clever how did she know that I had been at the toilet roll?

Yesterday I managed to get all the laundry ironed and put away, but what a job it was, two and a half hours ironing!  anyway it is done now.  The crab was wonderful and I decided that rather than spoil it with some fake mayonnaise I would make some which was well worth the effort.  The crab shell was then put in the oven along with others and prawn shells I had frozen and I made a very reduced shellfish stock which I returned to the freezer.    The hens needed a good clean out so that was my next job.  The tomatoes are coming along well in the green house but they too needed some attention.  I then sat and made a list of the things I needed for the impending visitors and decided that the easiest way was to order it all on the internet so it is due to arrive this morning between 8 - 10 which certainly saved me lots of time. After much struggle I finally managed to get the camera and computer communicating but I must own up to bottling out of dog training as by 2 pm I was shattered and needed my siesta.  

Today, I have a couple of jobs in the kitchen I am intending to make a lemon drizzle cake and an apricot fruit cake so they will be my first jobs of the day but I will have to wait for the Tesco delivery as I am short of some ingredients.  For lunch I have got some meat balls which I made and froze so they will do if I make a tomato sauce.  Then I would really like to get some weeding done in the garden but my back is playing up so I will not push it.  I have given it a bit of a pounding over the last couple of days and if I am to survive the visitors I must be sensible, not a strong point of mine.  Being Saturday the crossword will be an opportunity for a quiet sit down.  I will also prep all the bits for the salad Nicoise and gooseberry crumble so that I don't have too much to do tomorrow when the house will need a bit of a hoover and the garden will need to be cleared of dog do!!! just in case it is nice enough to eat out.

At some point I will need to have a go at the pigeons who have filled my gutters with twigs and seeds and I now have grass growing in them.  I must admit I am a bit wary of climbing the ladder and clearing them my self but I think I would be OK if someone will place and hold the ladder for me as it is very heavy.  Anyway that is not an urgent job so it will get put on the back burner.

Have a good weekend all and nice to hear from you Denzil 
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