Saturday morning

Yesterday was another washout day it rained for the best part of the morning, so I had to content myself with indoor activities.  I made a guacamole as the avocados had just reached the point of ripeness.  I did it as intended with a pestle and mortar which was a nice way to waste time.  We had it for lunch as suggested by Thomasina Miers in the true Mexican way with pork scratchings and very interesting and nice it was too.   For dinner we had some chicken leg and thigh pieces that I cooked with some mushrooms and some pasta.  The dish would have benefited from a splash of cream but I had none so we just had it plain.  Then it was time to start making room to allow the plumber to access the pipes for the new boiler installation which starts on Monday.  This means emptying the airing cupboard where the new boiler will be situated and clearing out a cupboard which has become something of a glory hole.  We found all sorts of things we never even knew we had and plenty to throw away.  I am also trying to syphon out clothes I want to take on holiday and make sure they are clean and ready to pack - not that I take much more than a couple of changes of clothes and lots of underwear.  Then there is the list of stuff to be taken for the dog including his food and things like iPod/pad and cameras with all the attendant chargers leads and earphones.  I tend to gather all the bits into one place so they are easy to pack and I am not running all over the house looking for them.  I normally put all the contents of the fridge in a box and take it but this time I will just have to pack a few starter bits like milk bread and tea bags the rest can stay for Mike.  Sandi and I will make a shopping list once we are established and have decided what we intend to do.

Today the chickens will need to be cleaned out I topped them up with food and water last night so it is just their nest box which needs clean newspaper and the tray under the roost which needs new sawdust.  With all this rain the weeds in the vegetable garden are flourishing and some hoeing needs to be done before they become established or worse still go to seed.  I also think the pump on the pond needs a clean so that it should last the week I am away and Mike will not have to do it.

Did any of you watch Simon Hopkinson "the good cook" on BBC1 last night at 7.30?  He is one of my favourite cooks and I watched with interest.  The recipes were not complicated and looked just the sort of thing I would love. Can you believe he was running a restaurant at the age of 20.

At the moment the sky is overcast but there are breaks in the cloud so the sun may eventually make an appearance as the day wears on.  I think I may risk doing a load of laundry and getting it out on the line.

I must admit that I felt a little smug when I heard on the news that energy prices were going to rise so dramatically it looks like my solar panels and boiler change were absolutely the right way to go.  It is nice to get something right once in a while.

Anne welcome back from Italy, how was it?

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