Saturday morning

The hens are now laying regularly and have so far produced 57 eggs which I reckon is £14.82 worth, they have covered the outlay for their food but we are looking for covering the cost of purchase which is £52 so a long way to go yet.
Yesterday was a pleasant day which started off with me giving Basso a good wash he had managed to get raspberry jam in his coat [don't ask!!]which had dried so it took some rubbing to remove it.  He stood very patiently while I worked away with the hose cleaning his beard which I then trimmed a bit then it was on to the table for a thorough grooming.  By the time I had finished he looked very smart and tidy.
I on the other hand was soaked and very grubby so it was my turn for the hose well the shower actually.
Len and Margaret were delayed so we decided to leave the dogs at home and just go out for lunch which was lovely, the sun was shining and the food was good.  The portions are generous so we didn't need to have any supper and just grazed on bits from the fridge.  Margaret had offered to baby sit for a neighbour with Alzheimers while her husband went out so they beat a hasty retreat.   We settled down to watch the tennis Murray V Nadal.  I think I may be in the minority here as I can't stand Murray for one thing he could use a good shave!!!  Anyway, I was mesmerised by the wonderful match and delighted with the outcome.  The final is going to be a real battle of the Titans.
The back saga continues but I had a day free of analgesics yesterday and though it was sore it was not unbearable so we are seeing some improvement.  One of the many problems with getting older is that everything takes so long to heal and I am an impatient person in that respect.  I have endless patiences for doing intricate small jobs but when it comes to slowing myself down I get very frustrated.  I like to be busy or I find I get very bored.  Today I will sit for a couple of hours once I have gone and purchased the paper and got the crossword puzzle to amuse me.  I am desperate to do some weeding in the greenhouse but a couple of hours on my hands and knees is not on the cards yet so I just have to watch the weeds not only growing but going to seed!!!

My birthday bouquet 

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