Monday morning

Not quite so early this morning but still early enough at 4.30 am.  Yesterday, went very well and the salad Nicoise was a great success and so easy as it was just an assembly job.  I had managed to get the tuna just right so it was succulent not dry and the eggs yolks were just creamy not powdery.  The crumble for desert was lovely and with a choice of either cream or vanilla ice cream to top it off.    We could, as it turned out, have eaten outside but I was not prepared to take the risk and it was a bit cool with a fairly stiff breeze so the indoor choice was a good one.  Basso let me down horribly when I decided to show how good he is at retrieving.  He flatly refused to have anything to with the dummy and just ignored my commands making me look a total twit.

Today I am making preparations for the next visitors who will not be arriving until later this afternoon as they have to drive up from Bristol which takes about 3 hours.  That gives me the morning to make the upstairs presentable and make sure that the bathroom is nice and clean.  I am making a cottage pie for supper as it can hang around without spoiling and with it we will be having some of my peas from the garden cooked with spring onions and lettuce, sort of Parisienne.  According to the weather forecast the week ahead is looking mostly dry but the temperatures are still quite low which suites me fine.  However, the pots will need watering as they do dry out very quickly.  We have started picking our tomatoes as they become ripe and the black variety are incredibly sweet.   We are having trouble again with the pigeons on the roof so I think it is time to get the air rifle out and sort them out in a permanent way.  Perhaps Basso will dain to retrieve real birds??  rather than bags of sawdust.

Anyway onward and upward time to get the show on the road then I can have a little siesta before the guests arrive.  Have a good day all......

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