Monday morning and the start of another week

This is a hydrangea that is supposed to be white I know that they turn pink or blue depending on the acidity of the soil but I was silly enough to think that the white one would stay white.

Yesterday was a peaceful day I pottered around and got the hens cleaned out and then set to with the microwave to do our M&S lunch.  It was a paella which was OK but the amount of chicken and prawns was minimal and the use of saffron all but non existent.

I finally managed to finish the crossword but it required quite a bit of looking up on Google and wikipedia.  For example, did you know that horses harnessed in three with one at the front and two behind is called unicorn harness?  Believe me when I tell you that I had read a great deal about carriages and horse harness before I found that one.  In the afternoon it was the tennis and I must say that my money was on Novak Djokovic but I was sad to see Nadal loose.  I thought he was very gracious in defeat.  Once the sun had gone down it was time to water the vegetable plot and I do that with a sprinkler which covers all the veg beds in one go and saves a lot of time and energy.  Things like runner beans really need a lot of water if they are to do well.  The tomatoes in the green house are beginning to produce fruits and are at the stage when they need the tops pinched out to allow the fruits to swell and mature.  Today is set to be another good day weather wise and I am finding it so frustrating that I cant get on with some of the outstanding jobs.  However I am being firm with myself and giving my back every chance to heal...  As the weather is set fair I think I may devote some time to laundry which is not too taxing as the machine does most of the work.  I will need to be on top form tomorrow morning if I am to survive the agility with Basso.  Then I am hoping to shoot with Shiona on Wednesday which should keep me out of mischief.  There is no wonderful Jane this week as she is on holiday so I had better get the hoover out and have a quick buzz round.
I made some Bombay potatoes yesterday as I had potatoes to use up and I think they will make a nice lunch with some cold sausages and salad that is lurking in the fridge.
And on that not I am off to collect the laundry......
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