Friday morning

Back to reality with a bump, 6 machine loads of washing not all of them from the camping trip - there was a load of towels from the newly refurbished airing cupboard where our boiler is now situated plus a change of all the beds.  Was it a good day for drying no of course it wasn't it was damp and drizzly so the tumble dryer was pressed into action.  My early morning tour of the garden yielded blackberries, courgettes, tomatoes, eggs and peas.  Given that I had grown the peas from a packet of Bachelors dried peas from the supermarket I was not hopeful however cooked with some spring onions [also from the garden] they were a revalation.  I had brought back some meat from the wonderful butcher in Melton - 4 sirloin steaks, slices of veal topside, veal chops and some enormous chicken breasts from real free range birds.  None of this was cheap but the quality was worth paying for and they are now all tucked up in the freezer.  We shared one of the chicken breasts for lunch and it did 2 people very adequately.  I also organised some tuna from the fishmonger as I am expecting guests for lunch on Sunday and they have requested a light lunch so I thought a salad Nicoise would fit the bill with a gooseberry crumble and ice cream for dessert.  As it happened the fishmonger had just boiled some crabs so that is what we are having for lunch today.
You have no idea how long it has taken me to get this picture from the camera to the computer as I am having real problems connecting I finally put it on the iPad, no problems, and transferred it to the main computer using Evernote.  All is not well with my computer it keeps telling me I don't have the correct permissions to open files.
On Monday I have more visitors arriving from Bristol so I will have to get my thinking cap on and decided what we are going to eat for the next few days.  I think I will make a lemon drizzle cake and an apricot fruit cake to have stood by for hungry moments with cups of coffee or tea.  Once the visitors have all gone it will be time to start the Dukan diet however I am pleased to say that I lost 3lbs over the weeks holiday.

This afternoon I am due to go dog training at the agility class so I will need to lay in some frankfurter for encouragement and try not to eat them myself!!!

Now, however, I have to do some ironing in fact I have a monumental pile to get through so I had better get started and then I need to dismantle the crab if we are to have it for lunch.

Have a good day I notice that the weather has cheered up now I have finished the washing!!!!!


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