Friday morning

Well everything seems to have changed this morning in the blogger world.  When I logged on all the page layout had changed and I have just spent 10 minutes wandering around to see where everything is now.  We are such creatures of habit that it quite threw me.

Yesterday was a bit of a washout we decided that shooting was off as the showers were both sharp and unpredictable not to mention frequent.  Shiona came over anyway and brought her TENS machine with her as it is small enough to fit on a belt and has rechargeable batteries so I can take it on holiday as a security blanket in case my back continues to be so painful.  We decided that we would take the dogs for a walk if we could dodge the showers so we piled all 5 dogs in the car and set off just after a shower had finished and were really fortunate that we had just made it back to the car as it began to rain again.  Guess what it is raining now!!!  anyway I for one am not complaining as it does save me a lot of trouble watering.
For lunch we had the lasagne that was left with our first courgette and a tomato and onion salad and followed it with some gooseberry crumble and custard.  Here I must make a confession the custard is Tesco's finest Cornish cream vanilla custard to which I am rapidly becoming addicted.

Poor Shiona was having problems with her mother who had made mess with her bank card and pin numbers so the card was now locked - her mother is in her 80 but there was little she could do to help as of course these things are all so secure these days.  Her mother is in Scotland so it is not as if she can just pop round and sort things out.  Funnily I had just been thinking that signing a power of attorney document and putting it in a draw where it would be a useful thing to have in case of disaster.  It would mean that although it would not stop me from manipulating my accounts James would also be able to access them if it was necessary.  While the data protection act is very nice in some respects it can make life very difficult in others.  On the same subject I spent 2.5 hours on the phone to Tesco Bank yesterday trying to sort out a mess with my account.  I had just opened a new account when Tesco went into melt down and they are still trying to catch up manually from the complete mess.  Anyway the situation is now resolved and my accounts are straightened out and hopefully I can access them via the net.  It suddenly crossed my mind that if Mike and I were wiped out in car crash there is no paper trail leading to that account as it is all done on the internet or telephone so I suppose we really need to put some details of the account somewhere it will be found.

Now I have to say something about the phone hacking scandal.  All the time it was celebrities who were being hacked I had no real sympathy as they are only celebrities because of the media. Isn't there some sort of proverb about sleeping with wolves?  However, now that is seems they have been hacking bereaved people from 7/11 and soldiers families not to mention the families of murder victims I am truly appalled.  Not surprised, as I never credited them with any morals but disgusted at the depths to which they are prepared to sink.  I am pleased to say the only paper I buy is the Saturday telegraph and that is purely for the crossword puzzle and to make chicken bedding once it has been through the shredder. As far as Ms Brooks is concerned as an editor she should know what is going on and if she didn't then she is incompetent both situations in my opinion are sacking offences.  Innocent journalists, if that is not a contradiction in terms, have lost their jobs it is time she did the decent thing and resigned.

OK I am climbing down off my soap box and making plans for the day which looks like it is going to be another wet one.  It feels like the sort of day for curling up in a big arm chair with a good book, mug of hot coffee and a packet of biscuits.  What do you think?

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