Friday morning

What a difference a week makes on Monday morning it was 22 degrees this morning we are down to 11. I must admit I prefer the temperature today to the hot stuff at the start of the week.
Yesterday I managed to get out with the dogs and had a whole day with no analgesia so my back is definitely improving but I will need to continue my regimen of being gentle with it as it is not yet back to 100%.  For lunch I made some tortilla wraps, the recipe for which I saw who knows where, but essentially you fill them with ham cheese and red pepper - roll tightly in foil and then bake for 10 mins to melt the cheese.  Really rather nice and they suggested that you can pop them in the freezer all made up and just put straight into a hot oven, brilliant for a quick lunch or snack when starvation strikes!!!  I must own up to the fact that we ate a miniature gooseberry crumble each for supper with Devon cream custard.  Very bad but it was delicious and after all I do have to do something with my gooseberry crop!!
I spent some time on the phone trying to sort out a Tesco savings account that we have.  The problem is that we have two and they have decided that they belong to two different people so the problem is now being sorted out.  It has been horrendous as Tesco bank have redone their security and in the process they have crashed the entire system so everyone got on the phone and then it was impossible to  get through.  What a mess!!!

Today we are going out for lunch with Len and Margaret who are coming to our house for coffee at about 10.30 which gives me plenty of time to get my act together.  We normally take the dogs for a walk first and it makes a nice change to have some company.  However I am concerned to leave the dogs in the car while we have lunch so we may bring them home first and then carry on to the pub.

As I am sitting here typing I am also watching a wood pigeon destroy my tree by ripping the smaller branches off.  He obviously doesn't know that the sights on my air rifle have been realigned and he is dicing with death.  Fortunately for him he has seen the light and left and will live another day.

Well that about it for today nothing spectacular happening just pottering on keeping it all going.....
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