Wenesday and bin day

The server is mucking about this morning and refusing to let me up load photos.  I will try again when I get to the end and see if the problem is resolved.

The house got its weekly clean yesterday courtesy of Jane and I spent some time trying to remove the excess weed from the pond.  I now have several piles of weed which I leave to drain and allow any creatures I have captured time to get back to the pond.  Today I will get the weed cleared up and put in the wheelie bin.  I am also hoping to get a load of washing dried on the line before the weather turns wet again.

I made the lemon tart which was very successful but reminded me of lemon meringue pie with the meringue missing.  There was easily enough for four individual pies with just half the recipe as given on the web site.  Mike and I had one each for lunch and then when Mark showed up in the afternoon he had one with a cup of tea and the last one was half each for supper.

I took the dogs for a walk in the morning and as the tide was up I went to main park where the dogs can easily swim.  However, it was a miserable walk for me as there were coach loads of kids having outdoor lessons.  The sight of three dogs having some fun set the kids of into peels of shrieks and screams.  The dogs wisely tried to avoid them but were pursued until the teachers tried to restore some sort of order.  I found myself trying to escape back to the car park only to find the kids headed that way too!!  One bright spark remarked when he saw Basso "I don't like im, 'e's big and will bite me" to which I replied that he was much more likely to be bitten by one of the small terriers.  Finally I decided to blow my whistle and get the dogs back and put them on their leads.  The blast on the whistle made one of the kids remark that it had scared him.  I informed him that that was the general idea it is designed to gain attention.  I don't know if it just that I am becoming a grumpy old fart but the kids seemed to be completely out of control my dogs were much better behaved and certainly more obedient.   Anyway I was very glad to get away but instead of enjoying a nice walk I was grumpy and fed up with my ears ringing from the screaming.

I don't know if any of you watched the Terry Prachett program on assisted dying the other night.  It was most interesting and followed two people to Dignitas in Switzerland.  It was sad to see that people had to end their lives early just to make sure they were fit enough to make the journey and comply with the regulations.  The chap that runs it said that they get lots of people who contact them but never take them up on the service just knowing that they can gives them the strength to continue.  And for me that is the whole point if people knew that if things became unbearable they could opt out it would be much easier for them rather than having to fly abroad for fear they would be left to slowly rot in the UK.  Last nights news showed the father of a son who had died that day in a hospice who commented that had his child been a dog or cat he would have been prosecuted for cruelty.  I do hope that by the time my time comes the laws in this country will be in step others where a much more humane regime is in place.

OK rant over, now for more mundane things its time I went and put out the rubbish so first it is a session picking up dog poo - just what a need before breakfast!!! then it is out with the washing which is now finished and hope it dries.  Server is back up and running picture of golden showers rose doing well if a bit leggy.....
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