Wednesday morning and bin day

The sky looks like some one has been doodling on it!!!

Well the garden looks tidy and my bay trees have had a hair cut all courtesy of Mark and his magic machines which make the job so much easier...

Basso is keeping an eye on the surroundings from his vantage point on the roof.  This photo doesn't show that the front of the shed really needs painting again which is a job I would rather avoid.
The house is clean and the laundry done so all that remains is the ironing,  which will take a matter of minutes this morning.  Well I say clean that is if you don't look too closely!!!!  In the vegetable garden the onions are ready to be pulled but I really need a good few days of sunshine to let them dry off and there doesn't look like any gap in the showery conditions just yet.  Once they are out of the ground I can then plant up some spinach seeds which should keep the bed filled until the winter.
I made the meat balls yesterday and froze them individually and bagged them up ready for use at a later date.  We had a sample for lunch with a bit of pasta and for dessert I made a gooseberry crumble in a large ramekin as there was only a handful of ripe gooseberries available from the garden.  I also found a couple of nice ripe strawberries that the slugs had missed so they got added to the mix.
Since my purge on the pigeons I have noticed that we seem to have more small birds in the garden and I have just watched a wren examining the bay trees which is a sight I haven't seen for ages.  So fingers crossed we may stay pigeon free for some time.
The visitors we were expecting have cancelled so the week has suddenly become vacant which will give me a bit of time to sort out a few odd jobs that need to be done.  My wardrobe being one of them, it is in a real mess and every time I open the door I take one look and slam it shut as fast as possible.  I do however feel that it is a job you need to be in the mood for otherwise it doesn't get done well.  I also need to get around with my secateurs and do some dead heading of the roses which which are looking a bit sad with all this rain, the clematis on the other hand are loving it.
The sky which was clear about an hour ago is now clouding up and I am sure we will be getting the forecast rain before too long so time I got the outdoor jobs done then maybe I will tackle the wardrobe this afternoon!!!!

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