Wednesday and a shooting day

My 60th birthday present is all grown up

Today the weather has done an about turn and we are starting the day at 12 degrees which is quite a dramatic drop.  The storm hit at about 4pm with one almighty clap of thunder followed by and absolute deluge of rain and the thermometer dropped some 12 degrees in minutes.  The storm didn't last long but was quite dramatic as it passed over us.  Apparently around the county there was quite a bit of damage done by lightening strikes but we were not affected.

The vase of sweet peas is the first picking and I am sure there will be plenty more as the plants are doing very well.  It might have been better if I had taken the photo in daylight rather than with the flash  but you get the general idea anyway.

Today is my 63 birthday and I have a lovely pile of cards both sons have not only remembered but also got cards to me on time which given that one has to make it from Thailand is not bad going.  By way of celebration I am going shooting this morning with Jeff, Shiona can't join us as she has to wait in for a new fridge freezer to be delivered.  It is one of the huge american style ones which needs to be plumbed in so that it can make ice etc.  I must admit that with my back playing up so badly I am a bit worried about shooting however I am determined to go if only for the outing as I am going a bit stir crazy stuck at home.  The heat has rather put pay to any activity and both the dogs and us have been in hibernation trying to keep cool.  Jane came yesterday and blitzed the house and I did the ironing, while standing in front of a fan, so the whole place is fairly tidy.  I will need to have my usual patrol of the garden and clear it of dog do and let the hens out but then the day is my own.

Have a good one I am going to try .....

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