Tuesday morning

What a waste of a day!!! yesterday was so hot and humid that we spent most of it trying to find somewhere cool.  There was the occasional breeze which made it tolerable but even the dogs where lethargic and spent much of the day spread eagled on the stone kitchen floor.  We live within 10 miles of Gravesend where the highest temperature was recorded.

However, there is one bit of good news and that is that I did turn out my WARDROBE at long last and managed to fill a sack with stuff that I no longer wear or no longer fits.  I moved all the winter stuff to a spare wardrobe and divided my shirts into long and short sleeved.  In the process I found lots of bits that needed washing so I ran a load of whites and a load of coloureds which as you can imagine were almost dry as soon as I hung them out.  I now have the glorious task of ironing it all which given the temperature may well wait a few days.  For lunch we had an egg and tomato sandwich each and for supper I threw together a green salad and a potato salad and that was enough as we didn't feel much like eating.

This morning we are starting out with 20 degrees which is 2 degrees lower than yesterday but we have not had the promised rain or thunderstorms however the sky is very overcast so it might be on its way.  Basso spent most of the night asleep on the roof and was really feeling the heat - well with a big fur coat on I can only imagine how hot he was.  I did hose him down earlier in the day which is the only way to cool the poor thing.  I sat for a while last evening with my feet in the pond but the fish decided my toes were food and I soon gave that up....

I picked the first of the sweet peas yesterday and put them in a vase where they are perfuming the room.  I think today will be another day of salad and toast as I really don't fancy sweating over a hot stove  and the kitchen blinds have been drawn since early yesterday morning in an effort to keep the temperature down.  My first job this morning is to water everything in pots as they are all looking a bit sad and who knows when and if the rain will come.  One thing is pretty certain if I water it will rain if I don't we will stay dry.

Have a good day all and I hope it is a bit cooler for all of us......
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