Tuesday morning

Yesterday was a mediocre day it started badly but finished in glorious sunshine.  Our trip to the dentist was uneventful just the usual decoke and sandblasting and an appointment for December.  We stopped off on the way home and had a nice pub lunch.  Mike had lambs liver with mash and gravy and I had ham egg and chips all of which were well cooked, not exotic, but very nice anyway.   As we had both had an early start we shuffled off to bed for a kip and when we woke it seemed to be a different day it sunny and warm.  Jane is due to come today and we will hear how she has got on with her iPad.  For once the house is moderately tidy and I have a few jobs to do in the garden so I am pleased to report that we are starting today with clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine and 12 degrees.  However, I have one eye on the weather forecast and it isn't going to last so we best make the most of it.  Len and Margaret are having a party this weekend and have borrowed our gazebo for the garden but I fear it could be cold wet and windy so we may well all end up inside.  Fortunately they have an enormous sitting room so it should not be too bad.

I heard on the new yesterday that there have been more after shock in Christchurch NZ which is where our old neighbours have emigrated  so I hope all is well with them.  I don't think it was a damaging earthquake but given how shocked and scared they were when they returned to the UK following the big quake I expect they are feeling pretty nervous.  I will drop them an email this morning and see how they are fairing.

Every time I turn on the TV I seem to be bombarded with the Heston lemon tart advert for Waitrose and just to prove that advertising does work I am going to make the said tart today.  However, none of the ingredients will have come from Waitrose so perhaps it doesn't work after all.

I did some training in the garden with Basso yesterday but he was very reluctant to fetch dummies and gave up very quickly so while he was distracted I hid his very frozen pheasant in the garden then sent him to go and look for it and retrieve it - absolutely no trouble with the real thing so I am hopeful that he will work for me this winter despite the lack of training over the summer.

There is no shooting this week as Shiona is in Ireland and Jeff is in Sicily.  We are a bit in limbo land at the moment, our holiday in July is still in a state of flux and we are not sure who will be going and we are not likely to know until the last minute so planning is all but impossible.  It would be nice to get the boiler replaced while we are away so that we don't have to live without gas and water for a few days but we will have to see how it works out.    In the mean time we seem to be treading water.

Well that my lot for this morning time I went and made the pastry if I am going to make the lemon tarts.  Enjoy the sunshine while we have it.....
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