Tuesday morning and blowing

Make shift jump just for practice slightly out of focus but you get the general idea

Yesterday started dismal and damp but brightened up for the middle of the day only to revert to deluge again in the evening.  In between I managed to get the dogs walked in the dry and had a bit of practice jumping with Basso so that at least he will understand the "OVER" command when we go to agility.  The hens did us proud and we had 4 eggs for the first time so we are now under-way with egg production.  I am persevering with "going to bed" training which is still proving difficult as they are very slow learners or maybe just bloody minded and disobedient!!!!
Elaine popped in for coffee and we had a nice chat her twin daughters are 13 in a couple of day - how time flies and I don't envy her the next few years.  I don't know which is worse teenage boys or teenage girls I think they can both be ghastly in different ways.  Getting used to the hormone storm is quite a difficult process.

Yesterday, was the day to send my meter reading for the last three months to the feed in tariff people who pay my for my solar power.  So once I had read the meter I quickly sent off an Email with the numbers only to receive a reply asking me to verify the unexpectedly high reading by taking a photo of the meter.  Thank goodness I can take digital photos and send them down the wires!!!  Anyway that done, they now realise that they owe me very nearly £500 for the quarter. Nice little earner!!!

Today is a busy one we have the wonderful Jane due and also Mark the gardener for whom we have a list of jobs a mile long.  I hope Jane will be impressed with the spotless kitchen after my grand clean down.  I am planning to make shed loads of meat balls which I am going to individually freeze then bag up for use later.  This will mean that I can take out as many or a few as I need and then just defrost them add some tomato sauce, boil some pasta and toss a salad - meal done!!!  I made Bombay potatoes yesterday as I have an excess of new potatoes the only problem is that they were so nice we ate them all big mistake!!! Today they will be plain boiled which should slow us down a bit.  We may also have enough ripe gooseberries to make a crumble or should I make gooseberry gin????
I usually do the laundry today but the weather looks pretty dire at the moment so I think I may well wait and hope it improves as I don't fancy wet washing all over the house. 
Have a good day all and hope you manage to dodge the showers....

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