Tuesday and the rain has passed

Poppies self seed themselves all over the garden and as a rule I just let them get on with it unless they are in the middle of the vegetables.

The rain has finally passed but the full 24 hours of down pour is just what we needed to perk everything up.  It was relatively gentle rain so it hasn't battered the flowers too much.
I spent some time yesterday morning writing a E mail to my friend in Italy but writing in Italian is a real trial as I was never taught - I only ever learned to speak as a child which means that my grammar is terrible and spelling even worse however with the aid of iTranslate I hope it is at least intelligible.  I suppose if I read more in Italian things might improve but who has the time!!!!  Then came the phone call and suddenly speech came to me with no problems at all.  It is incredible that what you have learned at the age of 4 stays with you for life.  My poor friend has been having a terrible time and was really depressed.  She has not only lost her husband but has had several knee operations and breast cancer so things have been a bit tawdry for her.  She has promised to ring me again in a couple of days so we can have a proper chat.  I think I will try to persuade her to come and pay us a visit after all it is only two hours from Pisa to Gatwick and the change might do her good. 

The remainder of the day passed rather uneventfully except for my constant pot shots at the pigeons who will, I hope, eventually realise that my roof is a dangerous place to be and there are plenty of other roofs to choose from.  Those birds that I killed were made into a nice casserole for the dogs so at least they didn't die for nothing.

Just as we were settling down for supper I got a phone call from my chef friend who though he had better tell me what a dramatic effect my phone chat with Sandra had had.  He said she had perked up quite noticeably and seem to be a different person.  What is the saying "a trouble shared is a trouble halved" may be she just needed to off load.....Anyway I'm glad if it helped....

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