Thursday morning

A pot full of pansies which I had nowhere else to plant 

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and I managed to get all the washing out and dry.  The sky kept clouding over and looking like rain but it didn't happen until early evening.  We have had so much rain of late that I was surprised when I went round and checked the pots only to find that they were already dry but the evening rain saved the job of watering but I will have to keep an eye on them as they dry out very fast.  I spent most of the morning in the kitchen making some carrot and coriander soup which was really delicious.  The stock I used was from the freezer and courtesy of our old hens so it was very tasty.  I get carrots each week in my box and I had built up quite a backlog so needed to get rid of them before they went all soft and silly on me.

I then took Basso for a manicure! he has dew claws on his back feet which is normal for the breed but fairly unusual generally and they tend to grow at an alarming rate.  My Japanese friend who has giant schnauzers is very good with the nail clippers and it is definitely a two handed job so I popped up to her house with Basso and she clipped while I held a wriggling dog.  Her husband has kindly put us in touch with a man who looks after their Landrover as I had mentioned that we were unhappy with the cost of the main dealer.

So far we have had one egg a day from the girls so at least one has started to lay or is it each one laying sporadically who can tell but at least we are under way and I will soon not have to buy eggs.

I had a chat with Sandi on the phone and she gave me a bit of bad news which has really knocked the gilt of my gingerbread.  Apparently Barry one of the field trial champion dog trainers and his entourage are going to come to our shoot this winter which will rather put us in the shade but that is not the problem.  He is the sort of man who cannot resist a crushing put down so I guess we will be in for a bit of criticism for our second rate dog training....  He does three training sessions a day with his dogs but then again I don't suppose he washes his underpants he has a wife for that.

Today I am intending to spend some time in the kitchen as I want to do a bulk cook of some bolognese sauce for the freezer.  I am also expecting a visit from the post master at our local shop.  Now this is a story to warm the heart.  Mike decided to get the car tax yesterday only to find that having driven to the post office/news agents the post office part was closed.  He was about to drive to the next nearest post office that was open when the post master said as Mike was disabled he would do the tax and deliver it to our house today to save Mike the trouble.  How brilliant is that!!!!  I must add that the post master is from India and a charming gentleman with a wicked sense of humour.  What a nice gesture!!!!

Well that is about it for today have a good one everybody....

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