Thursday morning

The black elder is in full bloom with lovely mop heads of pink flowers.  We are back down to single figures again it is only just 9 degrees outside so quite chilly.  We had some heavy showers yesterday but I was quite happy with that as I had managed to plant the beans early in the morning and a good soaking was in order.  I knuckled under got the ironing done and put away and then spent the rest of the morning driving around getting some odds and ends, delivering an air bed to Len and Margaret who are expecting lots of visitors and walking the dogs.  We needed to pack everything into yesterday as we are with out the car today and tomorrow as it is going in for a service and clean up - you cannot imagine the filth in it from the dogs.  The interior hasn't been cleaned since the hunting season so it is full of mud as well as dog hair.  The garage come and collect the car and then deliver it back to us when the work is done.
I am expecting Shiona and her dogs this morning as we are destined to go shooting - Mike will no doubt stay here as dog sitter. I am not sure what to have for lunch it might be easiest to eat at the club but I am going to make a pizza dolce this morning with the recipe from one of my favourite blogs namely  I think it will be nice with some macerated strawberries.
The I have a wretched task to sort out namely the bank want all new passwords set up which means thinking of something we both can remember.  Not and easy task!!!!  Then I have to have the usual fight with the insurance company to get a decent price for the car insurance.  Every year we go through the same performance, they send a silly quote I search for a better one then they offer to match it.  At this point I usually tell them what they can do with themselves and go with the cheaper quote.

Now here comes a moan:- I would like to insure my car just as I would insure a piano and separately have driver insurance just as I used to have rider insurance when horse riding.  This would then mean that the car insurance would go down in price as the car aged and depreciated and could be driven by anyone with driver insurance.  With my driver insurance I would be able to drive any car and take my no claims bonus with me.  After all we don't insure ourselves to have a house in case we are idiots and would set fire to it.  I know I've missed the point, insurance companies are not there to help me, they are there to make money at my expense.......I know lets all take out third party fire and theft for a year and watch the insurance companies crash and burn.....Long live the revolution!!!

OK I feel better for that, some times my anarchist streak gets the better of me.  Now on to more mundane things, my favourite job unloading the dishwasher :-(
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