Thursday morning and warmer

The little girlies are out and about investigating

Yesterday started off chilly but warmed as the day wore on and today we are starting in double figures so it look like another good day.  We spent some time refilling both ponds and giving the vegetable garden a drink - this is an expensive pass time as we are on metered water.  Mike has put some stuff in the pond to clear some of the blanket weed which is causing a bit of a nuisance.  This does however have a draw back of tuning the water into what looks like milk and you cannot see the fish at all.  It should clear in a few days but in the mean time it looks terrible.  Some how the fish manage to see their way around and soon notice if there is food to be had.

On the food front I put the ox cheeks on to slowly cook and today they will be degreased and frozen for use at a later date.  I think beef and ale pies would be a good use for them so if I can muster the enthusiasm to make pastry I may just go ahead and make them this morning.

Now did you remind me it was bin day yesterday?  I so nearly forgot and only just caught the lorry as they come round very bright and early.  All my friends seem to be on holiday at the moment Shiona is in Scotland, Jeff is off to Italy and Angela leaves for France today with her mother.  The next door neighbours are off to France also for 10 days so it is going to be very quiet around here for a while.  I may take myself off shooting this morning but as yet I haven't made up my mind.  It is easy enough for me to shoot skeet with Mike pressing the buttons as it doesn't require any real walking but  I might get stuck into pastry instead.

I must admit I am loathed to go out as the iPad is due any day now and I don't want to come home and find one of those wretched "we tried to deliver" cards through the door as I am sure they would not leave something of such high value in the porch....So perhaps that is the decision made and pastry it is.

James has an exam this morning and must be almost three-quarters of the way through his course.  They seem to have organised it as sort of incremental process, each exam includes everything learned to that point so they get progressively harder as there is that much more to remember.  Anyway this is the penultimate exam so it will soon be over.

Well no time like the present so I will get my act together and get on with the pastry!!!!

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