Thursday morning and still dark

Yesterday was a real dilemma I didn't know what to do for the best whether to take my pain killers and risk being woolly in the head or go without and be in pain.  I decided that it was the lesser of the evils to go without the pills and see how I got on.  As it turned out this was the right decision and I managed very well until the last stand by which time I really needed the pills so as they were in my pocket I took them so that by the time we reached home I would be feeling better.
Jeff had brought me a nice big bunch of lilies which are in a vase waiting to open as they are still all in bud.  He was also chuffed to see that the sweet peas that he had grown from seed were now in flower.  We had a bit of a target shoot with the air rifle and feel that it is now pretty accurate but the process drove poor Basso crazy as ever shot he felt obliged to go and check for fallen birds.  He has no concept of target shooting!!!
The late afternoon was filled with phone calls as everyone seemed to ring me and wish me happy birthday, all very gratifying that people had remembered.  By early evening I was shattered and took to my bed to take the weight off my back but sadly fell sound asleep so consequently I am up very early this morning.
The prospect for today is to get the dogs out for a walk so they can let off a bit of steam then swing back via Tesco and do some restocking we are clean out of milk and some essential bits and pieces.  Having given my back a bit of a work out yesterday I will then take it easy for the afternoon and hope that a gently mix of exercise and rest will do the trick.  I really need to be up and running by Tuesday as I am starting agility dog training so I need to be fairly fit.
Many thanks to all of you for your good wishes lets hope year 63 is a good one......

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