Thursday morning and still dark

Rosa Bonica 

There are times when you get things badly wrong but yesterday was one of the days when I got things very right!  I started the day with a flurry of gardening and lifted all the onions and put them on the shed veranda to dry on what was an old camping kitchen wire frame.  They are under cover so the showers will not effect them and they should dry off nicely.  I then prepared the bed and planted up three rows of spinach seeds. I had a go with the secateurs and dead headed all the roses and had a bit of a prune of some of the bushes that were becoming obstructive.   Then after a cup of coffee it was off to walk the dogs before the weather turned.  We had just got back into the house when the heavens opened and it came down in stair rods.  If I had got my timing slightly off I would have been soaked as would the dogs.  By then it was time to get the lunch under way and after my afternoon siesta the rain had stopped so my new seeds got a good watering in.  Later in the evening just before supper I went to put the hens to bed and just got back in doors when the heavens opened again. I had managed to dodge all the rain but still accomplished all the outdoor chores on my list - this was some sort of miracle I think.  The good intentions with the wardrobe came to nothing but that can wait after all it has been on my list for many months already.
Now for the fly in the ointment, there is always one isn't there.  I had ordered a combination key box to put in the porch in case we lock ourselves out.  However, it seems to be faulty and before I could set the combination it has locked itself and I cannot open it for love nor money.  So today it will be phone calls and posting to get it replaced.  We still haven't received our estimate for the central heating boiler change so that too will need chasing as time is marching on and we need to get this job done by the time the winter and the higher gas prices set in.
Today depending on the weather I may go and shoot a bit of skeet with Mike just to keep my eye in but it all depends on the weather I am not in the mood for a soaking and the damp cold weather is doing my sciatica no good at all.  Now that Jeff is back from Sicily we will be shooting together next week but again that is dependant on the weather which is all a bit of pain at the moment.  Typical Wimbledon weather!!!!
Have a good time in Italy Anne and enjoy the food wine and sunshine....

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