Sunday morning

I am pretty miserable this morning following a day of rotten back pain yesterday which really restricted my activities.  I did however make the most of the turkey leg and thigh that I had bought and am marvelling at the cost of all the meals I have made.  I have 3 portions of soup, the meat made sufficient for 5 portions of pie and 2 of cold meat salad and the bits made a meal for all 3 dogs and all for £4.90.  I used a packet of puff pastry to make the lids for the pies and with the trimmings I made 6 cream horns.  It is ages since I had a cream horn and had forgotten just how nice they are with some raspberry jam and whipped cream, what a treat for tea.
The weather seems to have cheered up a bit and after a wet start the day progress with warm sunshine and according to the forecast we are now in for a heat wave which will make a pleasant change as it has been so cold of late.  
I managed to get the hens cleaned out though this was not so good for the back but the job had to be done.  We seem to be in full laying mode now and are regularly getting four eggs per day.
I spent most of the afternoon comatose on pain killers but at least the sleep did me some good and when I finally woke the pain had subsided somewhat.  Perhaps the better weather will help as cold and damp is certainly not the best for the poor old joints.
I think someone must have told the pigeons that I have had my gun fixed and they seem to have abandoned our garden in favour of safer ones further down the road.  This means that my vegetables are safe for the time being and the windows might stay clean for a while.  The experiment with the packet of peas is going well and we now have flowers on the plants so we may yet get some peas.  The onions are drying well on the Heath Robinson racking and the garlic is beginning to look like it is dying back and will soon be ready to pull.  The green house is bursting with tomato and cucumber plants but really needs weeding.  This would be a hands an knees job which is not back friendly so will be left for another time.
Perhaps this is finally the day for doing the wardrobe - if I leave it long enough we will be back to winter clothes and I need not bother!!!!
Well the sun is up and it is time to walk the estate and let the hens out and feed the fish.  Then the ironing beckons, it is not like me to leave it so long.  Before I know it next weeks washing will be joining it - not a good idea.......
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