Sunday morning

Can you guess what this is - yes it is a punnet of strawberries!!!

As you can see I am having endless fun taking really daft pictures with the new camera facilities.  Yesterday was very muggy here, the air was heavy and warm but with little sunshine until late in the day.  We were promised some rain overnight but it never materialised so just as well we had a watering session.  This morning is overcast with gusty winds but the temperature is still in double figures.
I managed to get the dogs out for a nice walk and did some training with Basso.  I am very aware that he is not getting enough training and I really need to do more work with him if he is to perform well this winter.  Anyway he walked to heal for quite some distance without his lead and did several sit stays while I walked away from him.  What I really need is some dummy practice but that really needs two people.  Next time James is down I will have to rope him in to help me. 

The hens are beginning to get the idea that when I show up in the evening it is time to go to bed and it is not quite such a task.  They are also getting a bit bolder and don't scuttle off every time they see me. We should now be only a couple of weeks away from egg laying.  I thought I would keep records this time and work out the actual costs not that it matters but just out of interest.  Tesco's best eggs work out at 26p each so that is the bench mark that I will work to.  My total costs so far are £52 for the hens and 2 sacks of layers pellets at £8.10 so they will have to lay a few eggs before I can defray the costs and move into profit.  I also thought I might start to charge my visitors a nominal sum for the eggs that up until now I have given away.

For supper last night I made a sort of pasta dish rather like the ubiquitous Tuna bake but instead of tuna I used up some turkey leg that had been used initially for making stock.  As it turned out there was enough for supper and a spare for the freezer.  It was hot tasty and filling if not very elaborate and will make a good shooting lunch.  As for today I have no idea yet!!!! no doubt I will find something to play with which takes my fancy.  I still have 4 lettuces to go so there is always something and salad.

Anne, hope the graduation went well and it was a day to remember!!!  I remember mine as it was the hottest day of the year and I thought I would die of heat exhaustion...

Well I am very late today and Mike is already up so time I got on with something constructive....


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