Sunday morning and windy

All the clematis are in full bloom at the moment and have really benefited from all the rain

Yesterday morning started well and I got the chickens cleaned out, fed and watered and collected two little eggs.  The ironing was done and put away and the kitchen was for once reasonably clean and tidy though the cupboard fronts could use a wipe down and slobber removal.  I had a chat with the chap who is running the dog training and decided that I would book myself in for the agility class which starts in July on a Tuesday morning at Riverside country park which is where I usually walk the dogs.  Now all I had to do was print off the form and send it - so on went the printer and up came a message that I was out of ink - not a problem I always have a second set of inks stood by.  The I remembered that the set was minus the blue as they were out of stock when I purchased the set and I was supposed to go back and get one.  Had I done this the problems would have been averted.  Will the printer work minus one colour?  No of course not so it was a quick jump into the car and off to replace the inks so I could print the form off.  Don't ask how much the ink cost suffice to say it is cheaper to buy a printer!!!! Anyway at least while I was out I managed to buy a paper so I have the crossword to do today.
Then it was off to the garden party / 25th wedding anniversary, I hate such gatherings and so I found myself a job to be getting on with first I filled plates of food for the older members who once sat down had trouble getting back on their feet.  Then I had a tidy round and collected debris and plates.  Margaret had bought a stack of plastic garden plates which she intended to throw away once used but it seemed such a pity as they only had a few crumbs on them so I decided to wash them up which was just as well as they were needed once the cake and bubbly was served.  The younger members of the party had departed into the garage to play table tennis the baby was getting fractious and it was time I went home!!!  Mike was full to the brim with both food and wine so it was straight off to bed for both of us, feet up, and dull TV to fall asleep to.  We didn't bother with supper as neither of us felt like it so the bass that I prepared will do for lunch today.  The dogs were utterly confused, the usual routine had been completely messed up, and finally to pacify them I had to get up and give them their going to bed biscuits before they would settle down for the evening.
Today, I had planned to do a bit of gardening but my back is creating again so I think I may well take it easy and just keep the boat afloat and the passengers fed.  James rang me and he has the mother and father of colds so he is feeling really miserable and living on "Lemsip" and buckets of tea and hoping to be fit enough for Hendon on Monday.
Why do the English talk about the weather?  Well I have come to the conclusion that it is because it is so unpredictable you never know from one day to the next whether you will be needing a fur coat or a bikini and you will always need an umbrella just in case.  Today it is a really windy 11 degrees but the sky looks fairly clear with high white clouds however that doesn't mean a thing in an hour it could be black as your hat and pouring with rain or lovely and warm and sunny, who knows!!!!  And on that happy note I am off to wrack my brains with the puzzle......
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