Saturday morning

Happy pansy faces in my kitchen window box

Yesterday morning I spent some time trying to sort out an internet bank account which we have with Tesco, what a disaster, they are upgrading their security and it is now so secure that not even the account holders can get in and then the whole site crashes.  Fortunately, it is not an urgent financial transaction so I think a couple of weeks should see the dust settle before I give it another go.  Next it was off to the gunsmith and take the dogs in the car so I could stop and take them for a walk.  Basso was a complete B*****r would he come back to his whistle? - no he had found new friends to play with an was not listening to me.  Finally I had to go and fetch him which didn't please me as it was quite a trek and my back was really very unhappy.  However, things brightened up when I got to the gunsmith who immediately saw that my air rifle telescopic sight was loose on its mountings and needed to be realigned and then fixed.  He gave me a very small allen key so that I can tighten the mountings at regular intervals as firing the gun gradually loosens them.  I was very pleased that the problem was so easily fixed and that it was nothing to do with my shooting.  Cost of realignment and allen key £0.00.
I feel a pigeon pie coming on!!!!  On the way home we stopped at Morrisons just for a change of supper markets and managed to get everything on my list plus some nice turkey leg and thigh which I have roast and then put to boil for soup/stock the meat will be nice cold with some salsa verde and or mustard and a salad.  I also found that they had pork fillet on special offer so I bought one and have butterflied it out ready for its coat of egg and breadcrumbs.  The ox tail had been in the slow cooker all afternoon and cooled over night so that it can be de-greased and prepared for the freezer.  All in all a very successful shopping trip.

This morning the weather is foul it is still raining and has been most of the night and the wind is blowing hard.  My only urgent outdoor job is to clean out the hens but that is only a five minute job so I will wait and hope it dries up later.  Talking of the hens they have now laid enough eggs to cover the cost of one sack of their feed.  I am pricing the eggs at 26p which is reasonable unlike Dutchy eggs which are in excess of 40p each.

I had a long phone chat with a friend of mine who had taken her elderly mother to France for a holiday which turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.  Her mother had a stroke and she was then left trying to get the insurance to kick in while dealing with her mother in a French hospital.  Fortunately she is a fluent French speaker which made things somewhat easier.  Her mother was eventually flown back and taken to Bristol Royal but she had to organiser her brother to come and collect her car and drive that home while her husband drove their motor home back.  What a to do! but I am glad to say her mother is making progress and seems to be on the mend though it is very early days yet.  I think they were all completely exhausted and there will be more to come....

The estimate for our central heating replacement came through and I have booked it up for a couple of weeks time.  It will run into the day we are due to go on holiday but if I go with Sandi that will not be a problem as Mike can oversee the final day and if I end up going with Mike we can delay by a day without any problems.  The holiday arrangements are very fluid if Sandi is happy to leave her husband, who has a pituitary tumour, then she will come with me with one of her Labradors if on the other hand she is not happy then Mike will come.  We are only taking Basso this time and the two terriers are going to Len and Margaret for their holiday.  Lets hope my back is sorted out by then and I am up to running speed.

Well the rain has stopped time to get under way there is plenty to do in the kitchen for a while so that will keep me out of mischief.......

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