Saturday morning

Yesterday started with a bit of a tragedy.  The black birds who have been nesting in the our hydrangea over the garage got raided by a neighbourhood cat and all the fledgelings were ejected and lying on the floor.  Two were already dead but the third was in need of euthanasia so it fell to me to put the poor thing out of its misery.  All that work for nothing, I have been watching the father fly to and fro with beak-fulls of worms and insects from early in the morning until late in the evening and his little brood were not far from being grown up enough to fly.  Still I suppose that is nature, survival is a tough business. My other feathered friends have surpassed themselves and we had two eggs yesterday but they did manage to throw all their food on the floor where it got soaked in the rain and ruined.

I then spent hours on the phone sorting out an internet only savings account.  I set everything up on line and then it finally threw me out and told me to make a phone call.  It took ages and I had to go through all the information I had already given then I was put through to an automated pin number verifier. OK all done, all I now needed to do was transfer some money from a low interest account to the new account - I tried on line but no joy then hung on the phone for 45 minutes before I finally gave up and went shopping instead.  We restocked with coffee and picked up a beautiful bass from the fish monger who had rung earlier to say that the "Boys" had caught quite a few last evening in the Medway. Then it was a nice walk with the dogs, well it started as a nice walk, but ended in deluge and Basso blotting his copy book by refusing to answer his whistle and come when called.  He has now discovered that his whole world has fallen apart and he is no longer flavour of the month.  Those big soppy eyes didn't melt my heart and he finally took himself to his bed in disgrace and lay facing the wall for several hours.  He really did chose a bad time to be disobedient and being shunned by the pack leader is quite a severe punishment.

Today we are set for a 10,000 mile service in the shower as we are off to Len and Margaret's for a garden party to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  The weather looks OK at the moment but it is pretty cold with a bit of a wind blowing and the forecast is for more of the wet stuff so I think warm clothes are called for.  However, before any of that I need to go and clean out the hens and do a spot of ironing.  I think we will have the bass for supper tonight and I intend to cook it in the oven with ginger and spring onions so I will get that ready before we go out as I'm sure I will not feel much like doing it when I come home.  I must also remember to get a paper or I will be deprived of my weekend entertainment of the crossword puzzle!!!!
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