Saturday morning

Tuc sneaks on to the bed when no one is looking

Yesterday was a bit of day what with one thing and another.  My brother in law David has been having some urological problems and has just undergone some fairly miserable tests the results of which will not be known for some 10 days then decisions will be made about further treatment.  At the same time his daughter in law's waters broke 6 weeks early so she too was in hospital but will be allowed home for the weekend and then she will be induced on Monday if she doesn't go into labour herself.  It is all pandemonium in that house hold especially as it is a first baby.

We took the old iPad to Sandi and after a long struggle I had to accept that the boys at Apple are definitely brighter than I am!  I tried hard to save some of the apps from my pad and transfer all of Sandi apps but there was no way.  In the end I had to reset to factory settings and just reload as though it was a new machine. This was remarkably simple once I had accepted defeat.  Sandi did us a lovely lunch and we finally made it home around 5pm by which time I was shattered as I had been at it since early in the morning.  I have also reset Sandi's old pad so that is clean and ready to be sold on to Jane so I may well give here a ring and let her know as I am sure she will be anxious to get her hands on it as soon as possible.

I put myself to bed early but was not allowed to sleep as the dogs were going mad in the garden.  I then discovered that there was a group of boys erecting a tent in which to spend the night, much to the dogs disapproval.  They are not used to having children next door and seem to think they need a good barking to keep them in order.  Hopefully they will calm down as they get used to the new neighbours. 

As yet we don't know if James is coming down so the chicken will have to stay in the freezer until I know.  In the mean time Mike and I have got some cheese and bits in the fridge to eat for lunch and I can always run up a risotto for supper.  The weather is warming up gradually and we are at 13 degrees before the sun is up so it looks like another warm sunny day.  I failed to do any watering last evening so I must get some water on the pots this morning and I also need to clean out the hens today so I have a few chores to be getting on with as soon as it is light.

Have a good weekend all and enjoy the sunshine....


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