Monday morning

Yesterday was a day of sunshine punctuated by a few showers but less than there have been of late so not bad at all.  Today it is still jolly cool at 11 degrees and fairly overcast but a least the wind has dropped.
The first of  Sunday's problems started with the computer which has been playing up.  I was looking for a recipe when I found that my entire recipe file had vanished - nothing else was missing just the recipe file.  Well to cut a very long story short the files seem to have been wiped out and I can't find them anywhere so as luck would have it I had put the file on a USB drive that hangs on my key ring and I had updated it not long ago so I managed to retrieve everything from there.  Then it was into the kitchen and good wash down for the cupboards which were well and truly slobbered.  This is the only real drawback to having white doors on the cupboards they show every mark but equally they also look spectacular when clean.  The crossword puzzle was completed and the remainder of the paper folded ready for the shredding and use as chicken bedding.  The last job was to recalibrate the telescopic sight on the air rifle.  This required a bit of target shooting to get the thing a bit more accurate.  I hope it is now all lined up so watch out pigeons.  I also made a sort of jump with a couple of garden chairs and had a bit of a practice with Basso in anticipation of the agility course.
I cooked the bass for lunch and it was really delicious with some salad and a sort of cut down ratatouille made with just some courgettes that were languishing in the fridge.
Today, I may well have visitors but as yet I don't know, Elaine said she would pop in for coffee and Sandi may well come over but she will confirm this morning.  In the mean time I am in limbo awaiting confirmation.
Now here is a heart warming story.  Yesterday evening I was trying to use a program called "Catchup TV" which allows you to watch all the free-view channels on your computer or in my case iPad but do you think I could get in?  It kept rejecting my log on and in the end I wrote off a letter to the support team - to my absolute amazement a reply came almost instantly and after some few emails going to and fro it is all set up and working fine.  Now how impressive is that!!!

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