Monday morning again

Yesterday was one of real misery - the rain fell from morning until night and it was perishingly cold.  James left at about 10 and the guy came to discuss boilers which took 2 hours and lots of trawling around the house trying to find a suitable place to put a boiler.  We currently have a back boiler which is neatly hidden in the chimney breast.  The final decision was to put it in the airing cupboard and run the pipes on the outside of the house thus minimising both cost and disruption.  Now we will wait to see just what the quote is for the work and then see if we can scrape up the cash.  It would be nice to have it installed before the winter sets in although yesterday felt as if it already had.  This morning the temperature is a little warmer but we have a force 9 blowing which should at least get rid of the rain.  We have our six monthly appointment at the dentist which is a bit of a trek over to Maidstone so we book both appointments to be consecutive, that at least cuts the travelling down.  We should be back by lunch time and as I was up at 3.30 I am going to be in need of a snooze this afternoon. We have some ham in the fridge which will do for toasted sandwiches and I will have to have a look around for something for supper.
After all the rain we have had the garden is looking very lush if a bit battered and at least we have not had to spend our evenings watering.  The hens have been trying to take a dust bath but as you can imagine with the ground so wet this has been rather unsuccessful.   They just roll about flicking clods of mud over themselves.  I told you they were extremely stupid creatures!!!! We are persevering with the putting to bed regimen and they are gradually getting the idea but they are not quick learners.  Interestingly these hens do at least have the sense to shelter from the rain the previous lot just sat there getting wet.
Our neighbours are back from France and I wonder how long it will be before they notice that the pigeon problem has been solved.  I am not convinced that it is permanently cured but at least for the time being we are pigeon free.  We still have wood pigeons in the trees at the far end of the garden and ring necked doves nest building in the rubinia and a family of blackbirds feeding their babies which are in a nest directly over the garage door in the hydrangea petiolaris.  I am amazed that they have chosen this spot as I bang the door several times a day to close it as it is swollen with all the rain.
Well that about it lets hope for a dry day today......

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