Monday and the start of another week

My three tier onion drying rack that was once a camp kitchen in the days of tents....

Yesterday started off well I took my pain killers on time and managed to stay pain free for most of the morning which was enough time to get the chores done and by the afternoon it was too hot to care...
I made a savoury semolina cake and prepared both lunch of pork chops and dinner of turkey broth with pastina.  I also made potatoes Anna which is a lovely dish but does require a bit of messing about.

The afternoon was hot and sticky so I must admit that I spent quite some time lying on my bed - however, it doesn't seem to have made any difference to the back pain which is just as bad today.  So it will have to be the pain killer regimen if I am to be mobile.  The temperature is destined to be even greater today and it is already 22 degrees outside and it is only 6am.  

 The water lilies are certainly enjoying the sun shine and the pond is looking good if a bit murky with all the added fish.  This autumn we are hoping to redo the bed at the back of the pond and are intending to sink in a pressurised filtration system which might help matters.  What we really need is a fish contraceptive to stop the little b******s breeding.

I think today could be the day of the sloth as I really don't like the heat I will buzz around while it is still cool and get the bits and pieces for lunch and dinner ready then collapse in a heap and wait for the temperature to drop.  Even the dogs don't seen interested in walking and are happy to find a bit of shade and sleep.  Fortunately, there is a bit of a breeze blowing which means it is quite pleasant at the moment and according to the weather forecast we could be in for thunderstorms tonight.  I absolutely love thunderstorms so I am hopeful and it will save me watering the garden.  The spinach seeds I planted last week are already drying out so would need a drink this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest.  It only takes about 24 hours for the pots to dry out and need to be watered.  Last night I picked our first raspberries from the lowest branches which is very early as they are autumn fruiting The main crop will not be ready for some time yet but it was a nice taster of things to come.  I still have a big bag of raspberries in the freezer from last year which I may well turn into jam or sauce to make room for this years crop.  Without my bee hives I don't suppose the crop will be quite as large :(

Anyway time I got going before the heat builds up and I run out of steam.....

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