iPad day

Crazy photo taken with photo booth light tunnel setting - of scrunched up dressing gown

Screwed up bra taken with kaleidoscope setting

something a bit more recognisable Basso and Nip in the garden.

The new iPad is great but I am just getting used to it and have spent hours this morning cleaning the old one down ready for it to go to Sandi at lunch time today.

I abandoned the idea of going shooting yesterday in favour of making the beef and ale pies and just as the six pies were put in the freezer the post arrived and there was the new toy.  Then I did something quite remarkably stupid, my back was playing up, so I decided to take one of Mikes pain killers which are quite strong and in my haste I took two.  Well that was it, I was away with the fairies for the next four hours,  not a good time to do technical stuff.  So I had to content myself with taking silly photos.  The great thing about the iPad is once you plug it into the desk top it copies everything including all the settings etc and once it has finished it is exactly the same as the previous iPad.  All the music, apps and the 6,500 photos all transferred.  Umpteen full length feature films as well as the bits and pieces I have taken with the video camera and it is not even half full.  The new pad takes both still and video footage from either the front or back facing cameras - wonderful!!! The new magnetic cover/stand is incredible and once you close it it switched the machine off automatically thus saving battery life which is 10 hours anyway!!!!

James rang to tell me he had passed his exam with flying colours and part of it with 100% so a sigh of relief all round.  He will probably be coming down this weekend so we can discuss his success then.

Well this will not buy the baby a bonnet, time to let the hens out and get on with some chores have a good day all.

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